Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ellie HickmanEllie Hickman
First Time Pass
I would first like to say how incredible my instructor was in enabling me to achieve my goal. Through the LD System approach, my instructor was always positive and supportive which allowed me to constantly develop my confidence as well as develop the skill of self-assessing my own driving. By being able to positively identify the good aspects of my driving, as well as the areas in need of improvement , I felt was improving at a good, steady rate with developing knowledge and understanding. Each lesson was well structured and guided by my personal areas of improvement and time was always made to ensure self-reflection which aided my development significantly. I purchased the LDC workbook and I highly recommend! It was amazing at breaking down components of both driving and the driving test, fully ensuring you are prepared for the test. I felt like I was learning to drive even when I was not in the car! The detail of the workbook and of every lesson is fantastic and I believe one would struggle to find anything as effective elsewhere. I looked forward to each and every lesson and I know that with the support of my instructor and the LD System, I could not have been more prepared for my test. Thank you so much!

Harith GogisettiHarith Gogisetti
First Time Pass
The semi-intensive course I undertook was perfect as I needed to pass before my A-Level exams. I passed first time due to the teaching given by my instructor. He made sure I understood everything as I was taking my lessons and we also did mock tests before my practical test. The mock tests helped more than I expected. My instructor was very good and I never felt like he was being ambiguous. I would rate the overall experience more than 10/10.